Please allow me to introduce myself and an idea I have for a new Amateur Radio club. I am Alan Byrd, I live in Iron Station, NC & my call sign is KK4QBU. I got my first Ham ticket in April of 2013 and was immediately hooked on amateur radio. I have since went on to obtain my Extra Class License.

This brings me to my reason for starting this club. I went from getting a Technician License to an Extra Class License and my VE certification for ARRL and WCARS in a very short period of time (2months). Although I studied and passed the exams I realized I had just scratched the surface of something really big and exciting. After visiting several amateur radio clubs and events I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. So I have decided to start a new amateur radio club in the Lincolnton/Catwaba/Gaston area.

This club will promote more education for new Hams and more events such as antenna building classes and setting up in remote locations such as we do on field day. We do such things as Camp outs and set up on mountain tops or in Coastal Areas. I would like to have well seasoned Hams that would be willing to teach some of us newbies some of the tricks and techniques of the Ham Radio world. We welcome all new Hams that want to learn, we plan to have test sections monthly and help promote this great and exciting hobby.

This club is not meant to take you away from any club or organization you are already a member of but to enhance what we love to do.


Alan Byrd, Founder